Mission Statement for the Canadian Association of Foot Care Nurses

The Mission of the Canadian Association of Foot Care Nurses is to advance the practice of foot care through a collaborative and networking process for all individuals providing foot care.


  • Collaborate with health care professionals across Canada to promote optimal care and improve client outcomes
  • Develop educational opportunities, national guidelines and a certification process for nursing foot care.
  • Promote public awareness of the benefits of foot care and of the role of a foot care nurse within the health care team.
  • Facilitate the development and publication of clinical and research based articles related to the advancement of nursing foot care.

About Us

The Canadian Association of Foot Care Nurses (formerly Foot Care Canada) had their first AGM in Kingston, Ontario on May 29, 2010 but the beginnings of a national nursing foot care association started in 2005 with concerns about inconsistent, outdated and unsafe foot care practices and training across Canada. Cindy Lazenby RN was part of the first meetings with RNAO and she carried through meetings with the Foot Care Nurses Network and on to become the founding Chairperson of Foot Care Canada and later CAFCN/ACIISP from 2008 to 2010. She is a foot care nurse working in Kingston, Ontario and an educator and co–ordinator of a Distance Foot Care Nurse Program.

CAFCN Executive and Committee Positions for 2017-2018

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Position Name Location
President Kirsten Hansen Ottawa, ON
President Elect
Past President Pat MacDonald Winnipeg, MB
Secretary Kim Sheeler
Membership Chair Janis Boudreau
Treasurer Sandra Bird

Provincial Advisors

Northwest Territories  
Yukon Jeddie Russell  
British Columbia Anne Lai
Tannis Sorge
Sandra Tetrault
Alberta Lori Ralph  
Saskatchewan Bree Wright
Anna-Marie Baumann
Manitoba Sandra Bird  
Ontario Ginette Thivierge
Audrey Wall
New Brunswick JoAnne Graham  
Nova Scotia  
Prince Edward Island    
Newfoundland & Labrador Ellenita Kendall  


Policy Committee Annie Lai (Chair)
Suzanne Marsel
Helen Harrington
Conference Committee Pat MacDonald (Chair)  
Website CarricDesign  
Newsletter Pamela Ward
Kathleen Stevens
Nominations Committee    
Bylaw Committee Mary MacKay (Chair)
Dave and Peggy Gursky
Roberta Ronayne

Note: Grey slots are currently vacant.

Letter from CAFCN Past President, Pat MacDonald »

Past, Present and Future of Nursing Foot Care in Canada

By Cindy Lazenby RN, Founding Chair of CAFCN/ACIISP (formerly Foot Care Canada)
Abridged from her address to the First CAFCN AGM in Kingston, Ontario on May 29, 2010

Summary: Cindy Lazenby, RN talks about the past, present and future of foot care nursing in Canada and how foot care nurses are coming together to form a national association (CAFCN) to promote and regulate foot care nursing for the betterment of both nurses and patients.

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