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12 05/20/2021

Alberta | May 20, 2021
Submitted by: Jenn Weckman

Update on Provincial/area activities

Greetings from Alberta!

It has been a crazy year to be practicing Nursing Foot Care in Alberta. We are currently in lock down again with 900 daily cases of Covid being reported, and a patiently awaiting the vaccine roll out. Understandably, we have seen a huge loss of practicing Foot Care Nurses as well as other foot health practitioners including podiatrists and pedorthists in our Province due to the life changes the pandemic has created. For those of us who remain, it has been […]

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British Columbia | 12/11/2018

British Columbia | December 11, 2018

Update on Provincial/area activities

Wounds Canada: Nursing Foot Care community please to see and increased recognition of foot care nurses as part of the “foot health team”.
Department of Veterans Affairs:
Some discussion regarding approaching DVA to have veteran reimbursement that reflects the going rate for either an in-home visit/office visit. Possibly doing a survey monkey poll covering the following:
• Going rates for in-home, office visits
• If you pay rent in your office do you feel the rate for an office visit should be more in-line with in-home rates
• Do […]

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NWT | 03/13/2018

Northwest Territories | March 13, 2018
Submitted by: Laura Cooper

Update on Provincial/area activities

• Recently taught basic nursing foot care at a Continuing Care Conference. It was a good chance to meet with other advanced FC nurses and to hand out more of the competency document.
• Issue with sterility of files – CSR reports that they cannot guarantee sterility due to the porous surfaces. Is this an issue in other areas? What are others doing?

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Alberta | 03/13/2018

Alberta | March 13, 2018
Submitted by: Lori Ralph

Update on Provincial/area activities

– I was approached by AHS to develop a list of independent FCNs for the province. This list was distributed to diabetic clinics, wound clinics and acute care hospitals.

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Saskatchewan | 03/13/2018

Submitted by Bree Wright, Anna-Maria Baumann

Saskatchewan continues to be in a state of change regarding nursing foot care as the amalgamation of the different health authorities across the province takes place. The needs of the public for safe, competent nursing foot care is at an all time high due to the budget cuts to podiatry services. SALPN is actively reviewing their scope of practice and training required to act as an advanced foot care nurse to ensure their nurses are practising at the highest standards and invitations have been sent to the other regulatory bodies to our annual AGM in […]

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British Columbia | 03/13/2018

Not a lot new in the last 6 months but we have had some forward movement with some of the items below.

Register Psychiatric Nurses: Working as Foot Care Nurses in BC – Practice Hours

The college of RPN’s in BC have been requesting information regarding nursing foot care practice performed by RPN in the recent months. The college is looking for viability of including foot care hours towards their licence hours. At present, the college is reviewing the practice of NFC on a case by case method. From our understanding, the RPN’s that have presented how they utilize their skills as […]

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Ontario | 02/13/2018

Ontario | February 13, 2018
Submitted by: Audrey Wall

Update on Provincial/area activities

– Have a number of inquiries about getting started in the business of foot care and how to choose an educational program.
– I continue to try to connect with other local foot care nurses when I hear about them, but it continues to be an uphill climb

Important Issues:


Upcoming Conferences/meetings:

I’ll be attending the CPC Conference in London, ON April 7 on behalf of CAFCN and will be attending the Pedorthic Global Symposium representing CAFCN with Pat MacDonald, in Toronto April 12-14

Other Items of Interest


Files […]

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Manitoba | 02/13/2018

Manitoba | February 13, 2018
Submitted by: Pat VanWoensel

Update on Provincial/area activities

At the February MAFCN meeting, a motion was passed to provide $5000.00 funding to those members who wish to attend the CAFCN Conference in Regina, a maximum payout of $500 to each person.
– Members were encouraged to “like us” on Facebook

Upcoming Conferences/meetings:

Manitoba is preparing for their annual conference to be held September 16-17 in Winnipeg

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