Friday, May 27 to Saturday, May 28, 2022

We anticipate attracting approximately 150 foot care nurses from across Canada and internationally.

The Virtual Platform

Our virtual conference is being hosted by Pheedloop, which ensures a top-quality, smooth process, administered by skilled professionals. This also means that the technological costs of producing a virtual event are more than an in-person event. However, this does mean that exhibitors will not incur typical costs associated with conference attendance such as travel, lodging, shipping or food, etc.

Please be sure to register well in advance so that your booth can be set up and ready to go before the conference. Attendees will start to receive their login information two weeks before the conference date!

If you represent a not-for-profit organization that is connected to foot care nursing and would like to be a part of our conference, please contact exhibitors@cafcn.ca with information about your organization and why you believe it would be a good fit.


Designated Exhibitor Hall Hours (All times are CDT)

Please be prepared to have someone monitor your booth at the following times (but because this is virtual, you can stay as long as you have company at your booth!):

0845 – 0945
1130 – 1200
1530 – 1630

0845 – 0945
1200 – 1230
1530 – 1630


All Exhibitors
  • attendee contact list
  • listed as an exhibitor on the CAFCN conference website page with a link to your website (1 year on the public page; perpetually on the members only page)
  • Virtual exhibit booth that can be customized with your logo, profile pictures of managers, contact information including social channels, videos, PDF for download and information about your company, your products and any conference specials that you choose to offer.
  • Live Video Booth – you can choose to host a live meeting with up to 25 people (product demo, answer questions live) where you can share your screen or your camera.
  • Social media recognition on the CAFCN Facebook page with a link to your Facebook page or website.

Industry Partners receive a 10% discount on their Exhibit Booth and all of their additional options, along with front-of-the-line access to the additional options below.

Interested in finding out more about being an Industry Partner? Check out our Industry Partner page!


Additional Options:

Login page banner and lobby page banner
  • EXCLUSIVE – only 3 spots available
  • logo is visible on the login screen that all attendees will use
  • logo is visible on the lobby banner at the top of the page
Sponsor Carousel
  • EXCLUSIVE – only 3 spots available
  • Always visible to attendees at the top of the page
Branded Announcements
  • Conference lobby, below the intro video
  • Can be used to promote Live Video Booth demos or conference specials
  • Announcements are automatically pushed out to all conference attendees
Session Sponsor
  • logo appears in all the places where the session is listed (schedule, session pages, downloadable PDF)
  • logo is linked to your website
  • logo in session pre-roll/post-roll
Promotional Email Exhibitor Spotlight
  • EXCLUSIVE – only 3 spots available
  • March 8, 22 or 30
  • Sent to ALL CAFCN members
  • Includes your logo/a graphic, up to 100 words about your company, blurb about what you will be ‘bringing’ to the conference (i.e. “introducing the latest…”) and contact info (website link, email link and phone number)

If you represent a non-profit organization, please send an email to conference@cafcn.ca with a summary of your organization and a request to participate. It is helpful to know how you feel conference attendees would benefit from your services or resources.

Download the 2022 Exhibitor Prospectus (PDF)

How to Pay

When you submit the exhibitor registration form online, you will have the option to be invoiced or to pay online.

Invoice – An invoice will be emailed to the address on the registration form within five (5) business days of receiving the form submission. The invoice can be paid by e-transfer (preferred) or by cheque. E-transfers can be sent to treasurer@cafcn.ca. Cheques should be mailed to: Lori Ralph, CAFCN Treasurer, P.O. Box 5482, Devon, AB T9G 1Y2.

Pay online – If you select ‘pay online’, you will be sent an online invoice that you can pay using a credit or debit card..

Please note that your exhibitor booth will not be set up until payment is received by CAFCN.

Deadline for payments is May 9, 2022 to ensure that your booth is set up. (Conference attendees will be able to log in two weeks prior to the conference date and we want you to look good!)


By completing the online registration form and submitting the required fees, you agree to the terms and conditions of this contract.

Subletting or Sharing Space
Subletting or sharing Exhibitor space with any company other than directly listed on the exhibitor registration form is expressly prohibited.

Notification of cancellation must be in writing (i.e. email). If this agreement is cancelled by the Exhibitor for any reason or by CAFCN because of Exhibitor’s default or violation of this agreement, fees paid to CAFCN by the Exhibitor shall be retained as follows:

  • cancellation or reduction of space on or before May 1, 2022, 50% of fees paid.
  • NO REFUNDS after May 1, 2022.
  • Refunds for any fees paid by EFT will be sent by cheque. CAFCN is unable to issue EFTs (see below).
  • Extenuating circumstances will be reviewed by the CAFCN Conference Committee, on an individual basis, after receiving notification in writing. CAFCN reserves the right to provide any refunds eligible within 30 days following the conference.

Exhibitor Online Booth
Your online conference account and profile will be created within one week of receiving full payment. Exhibitors are responsible for verifying all information.

Exhibitor Staff Conduct
Exhibitor booths must be staffed during all the hours the Exhibit Hall is open. Failure to do so may result in ineligibility for future conferences.

As the conference is exclusively virtual, we expect our exhibitors and delegates to adhere to professional online etiquette. All online time will be moderated to ensure smooth operation.

Should it be necessary to refund your exhibitor registration, CAFCN will send the payment within two weeks of the conference date. Cheque and e-transfer payments will be refunded by cheque. Credit card payments will be refunded back to the card that made the payment.

CAFCN thanks you for your consideration, and looks forward to working together with you to provide another excellent conference for foot care nurses.

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