Optimize Your Conference Booth

CAFCN Conference dates – Friday, May 27 to Saturday, May 28, 2022

You will receive an email with a link and password to access your Exhibitor Portal.

In your Exhibitor Portal, you can:

  • Preview your booth design and information in real-time
  • Add Managers (members of your staff who will be involved with the event)
  • Edit your company profile
  • Upload Booth Design files for:
    • Logo Image
    • Thumbnail Image
    • Banner Image
    • Promotional Video
  • Review Tasks assigned to your organization
  • Upload files, including handouts or other useful materials you’d like attendees to access. Max file size is 50 MB.
  • Access leads from the event
  • Set up of your booth must be completed by April 29, 2022.

We have done the initial set-up for your booth. You should find your logo, banner image and thumbnail already installed, along with the company profile that was provided at registration. You can modify any of these elements.

Attendees will have access to the conference portal as of May 1, so you will want to make a good first impression by having your booth set-up completed!

Here’s a look at the demo booth:

Pheedloop demo exhibitor booth

  • Organization logo: Organization’s full logo. Wide (horizontal) version of logo recommended with transparent background and no white-space.
  • Organization Banner: Used in various promotional areas, and shown at the top of your profile pages. Recommended size: 1000w x 400h PNG or JPEG, no white-space.
  • Organization Thumbnail: A square representation of the logo. Displayed in lists and icon sets. Recommended size: 500 x 500 pixels PNG or JPEG, no white-space.
  • Organization Video: Recommended run time = ~90 seconds; Only one video file allowed: Video file size must be less than 100 MB and 16:9 aspect ratio. Accepted File Types: MP4
  • Downloadable Resources: Examples include brochures, fliers or white papers. We recommend 3-5 resources, but there is no volume limit. Max individual file size is 50 MB.
  • Organization Tagline: One sentence organization description. Keep this description short as it will push all the other content further down the page. Max 100 characters.
  • Organization Description: Who you are and what you provide. This will be pre-populated from your application, but you can make edits. Limit 5,000 characters.
  • Add Booth Managers: Using the Exhibitor Portal, add your booth staff. Booth staff will be fully registered attendees of the conference. 3 registrations are allowed.

Booth Chat
Chat will be available between booth staff and attendee visitors. Chat can be public or you can host private chats with individuals. During exhibit hours, we encourage you to post greetings or questions to the public chat to encourage visitors to engage with you in chat or in your Live Meeting Room.

Booth Live Meeting Room
The live video booth is a powerful feature that transforms an exhibitor’s virtual booth from a static experience to one which allows them to host a live meeting at their booth. Attendees simply click on an exhibitor’s “Join Live” button, which allows them to select their audio/video devices and join the group meeting at the booth itself. Up to 25 people can join a live video booth at any given time, and it supports both video and screen sharing. No additional plugins or downloads are required, it’s built right into PheedLoop and leverages the PheedLoop Meet video conferencing platform.

How real-time leads are collected:

  • An attendee requests information in your booth
  • Exhibitor lead retrieval populates the exhibiting organization’s list of captured leads with that attendee’s contact information along with any optional notes the attendee submits and is available for exhibitors to download at any time via their private exhibitor portals from the Lead Retrieval section. Requesting information, from the attendee’s perspective, can be done by clicking on a button in the list of exhibitors in the virtual exhibit hall, clicking a large sticky banner on the exhibitor’s profile itself, or attempting to download the exhibitor’s files.
    An attendee downloads a resource from your booth
  • You will be able to see everyone who comes into your booth

Post-conference, all exhibitors will receive a list of the names and email addresses of conference attendees who have given permission.

Pheedloop Exhibitor Training videoOur conference platform (Pheedloop) has put together a great training video to help you get the most out of your booth.

If you have set up a booth on Pheedloop before, then you will be familiar with how things work. Keep in mind that we may have enabled or disabled features and the demo is showing every available feature.

The video is about 24 minutes long, so here are the bits that you don’t want to miss (although the whole thing is good!):

  • 6:12 – Training & Demonstration
  • 8:03 – Exhibitor portal (edit profile and manage design and staff members)

We also made a much shorter one of our own, if you just want to see into the booth (3:12):

Designated Exhibitor Hall Hours

(All times are listed here in CDT. When you are logged into your portal, times will be listed in your own time zone.)

Please be prepared to have someone monitor your booth at the following times (but because this is virtual, you can stay as long as you have company at your booth!):

0845 – 0945
1130 – 1200
1530 – 1630

0845 – 0945
1200 – 1230
1530 – 1630

2022 CAFCN Conference logo