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At a Glance

Friday, May 27

8:45 – 9:45 Exhibitor Hall Open

9:45 Welcome and opening remarks

10:00 Concurrent Session #1

  • Touch – the power we have in our hands OR
  • Social media and technology

10:45 Concurrent Session #2

  • Diabetes Foot Health Self-Screening Tool to Prevent Diabetic Foot Ulcers during a Pandemic OR
  • Drill Maintenance and Cleaning

11:30 – 12:00 Lunch / Exhibitor Hall Open

12:00 Concurrent Session #3

  • Custom-Made Footwear…Made Easy! OR
  • Risk Management and Quality Assurance: What to Consider as a Solo Practitioner

12:45 Concurrent Session #4

  • Maintaining Infection Prevention and Control Best Practice as a Mobile Foot Care Nurse During a Pandemic OR
  • Temporarily Comfortable

13:30 – 14:30 Exhibitor Hall Open

18:00 AGM
All members are invited to attend and participate in the AGM, which will be held via WebEx. Login information will be emailed to members two (2) weeks in advance.

Saturday, May 28

8:45 – 9:45 Exhibitor Hall Open
9:45 Opening remarks
10:00 “Become a Toe Pro with The Toe Bro”
11:00 Breaking the Barriers and Building Relations for Allies in Care

12:00 Lunch / Exhibitor Hall Open

12:30 Engaging Patients to Improve Quality of Care
13:30 Vascular assessment of the foot, more than clinical questions for the safety of the client
14:30 A Holistic Approach to Foot Care; Utilizing Pedorthic Care
15:15 Closing Remarks
15:30 – 16:15 Exhibitor Hall Open

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Session Descriptions

Friday, May 27, 2022

The Exhibitor Hall will be open at 8:45 AM.


Welcome and opening remarks

10:00 – 10:45 – Concurrent Session #1

Touch – the power we have in our hands

Dr. Kate Clayton-Jones PhD, MBA RN CFCS CFCN

Foot care nurses touch feet every day, and how we touch those feet makes a difference. While using our tools for nail care, our hands can also be supporting health and wellness. Many of us go beyond nail care and apply lotions/ oils and may even do some massage, but did you know you can reduce chronic pain, improve blood flow, reduce swelling, and improve a person’s quality of life with your touch? Touch is an evidence-based modality that is within the scope of nursing to apply. Dr Kate Clayton-Jones will be talking about the application and power that touch has on patients when applied during a foot care session.

Social media and technology

Anastasia Semenova HBA, LLB, LLL
Sponsored by Canadian Nurses Protective Society

An increasing number of nurses are using mobile devices and apps as tools to assist in daily clinical care. This presentation will review a nurse’s ethical and professional obligations when using social media and discuss risk-management tips to help reduce risk. Recent case studies and legislative developments involving the use of social media in healthcare environments will also be examined.

10:45 – 11:30 – Concurrent Session #2

Diabetes Foot Health Self-Screening Tool to Prevent Diabetic Foot Ulcers during a Pandemic

Melanie Mainville, RN, CDE
with Cindy Lazenby, RN and Kathy Dymtruk, RD, CDE

Diabetes foot exams by healthcare providers can significantly decrease the risk of developing diabetic foot ulcers which are the leading cause of amputation. Covid-19 has impacted patients’ ability to receive a foot exam by providers and therefore resources to support patients in assessing their own feet for risk of ulceration has become a necessity.

The Diabetes, Obesity & Nutrition Strategic Clinical Network in Alberta has developed a diabetes foot care clinical pathway which includes a foot screening tool for providers. This tool has been adapted for use by patients to examine their own feet at home and share the results with their provider. Explore strategies on how to meet requirements for privacy, storage and management of personal health information including technical, legal, and data security with communication devices.

Drill Maintenance and Cleaning

Ted Durrant, MA, MBA
Sponsored by Quality Foot Care Products

This session will focus on ways to protect your investment and help your rotary devices last longer and perform better.  How to balance the need to avoid cross contamination and health risks with the challenge of not damaging your drill and promoting premature wear.

11:30 – 12:00 Lunch

The Exhibitor Hall will be open during the lunch time.

12:00 – 12:45 – Concurrent Session #3

Custom-Made Footwear…Made Easy!

Karen Henry
Sponsored by Afana Pouliot

This session will focus on: Who is Afana Pouliot? What is custom-made footwear? How is it made? Who needs it? Why is it so important!
As foot care nurses you are frontline to your clients, this session will help you identify the clients that need this unique service and how you can refer them to get the help they need!

Risk Management and Quality Assurance: What to Consider as a Solo Practitioner

Alejandro Otero
Sponsored by CompanyOn

Ensuring the safe and effective provision of care services is paramount for the establishment, maintenance, and growth of any independent practice. In this presentation, we will discuss the challenges independent practitioners face when building a business, and what processes should be considered to help improve not only the way their practice delivers care to patients today, but also how to manage risk and quality assurance within their business.

12:45 – 13:30 – Concurrent Session #4

Maintaining Infection Prevention and Control Best Practice as a Mobile Foot Care Nurse During a Pandemic

Anne Augustin, MLT, CIC
moderated by Audrey Wall, RN

Are you a mobile foot care nurse? What steps do you take to minimize the risk before you arrive at a client’s home? What supplies do you take with you? How do you clean these supplies in between client visits? This session will look at how to maintain best practice while moving from home to home.

Temporarily Comfortable

Tim Moffitt, C. Ped (C)
Sponsored by CPC Health Care and National Shoe Specialties Ltd.

Description of Presentation: Easy, effective suggestions on how to address common foot issues, including how to assess patients footwear, tips on posting & offloading and tips on recognizing gait issues. Brief discussion on the variety of Orthotics commonly worn by patients.

To get the most out of this seminar, you should have the following supplies:

  • 2 large tongue pads
  • 1 piece of medium Tubiform
  • lambs wool
  • 10″ piece of 1″ wide Coban
  • EVA sheets (available at Dollarama)

NOTE: All supplies, except where noted, are available at

We have supply packages for the first 24 people to register for the conference and request a package. You will see a question on the registration form that allows you to request a package. If that question has been removed, it means that all of the packages are spoken for and you will need to supply your own materials for this session.

18:00 – AGM

The CAFCN Annual General Meeting is your opportunity to hear first-hand about issues important to foot care practice in Canada. We will have regional updates as well as information about initiatives that CAFCN is bringing forward for the betterment of foot care nursing. This is your chance to meet your provincial advisor, to listen and speak into the CAFCN agenda and to ask questions (if you have them, chances are others do too!). We welcome you to come and participate or just come and listen. All members (whether attending the conference or not) are welcome and will be able to vote. Non-members are welcome but will not have voting access.

To attend, you must register in advance. You will receive a link to the WebEx meeting.

Saturday, May 28, 2022

The Exhibitor Hall will be open at 8:45 AM.


Opening remarks.


“Become A Toe Pro with The Toe Bro”

Jonathan Tomines, Reg. Chiropodist
Sponsored by Pedicare Professional Foot Care Instruments Ltd.

Treating the foot can sometimes be overwhelming. Should I cut that toenail? How do I even cut that toenail? What can I do about this ingrown or hard skin build up? Is this foot problem something I can treat or should I refer?

The goal of today’s presentation is to give you a crash course on routine foot care: what you should be treating? How can you treat it? and how to improve your overall knowledge of the foot.

I want you to come out of this with more knowledge and confidence when it comes to the foot so you can better help your patients!


Breaking the Barriers and Building Relations for Allies in Care

Lindsey Cosh, B.A., BC
Sponsored by Quality Foot Care Products

This presentation will provide a deeper understanding of the current barriers to care, and the service providers role with Indigenous cultural safe foot care. Information will be shared on past historical events, Indigenous perspectives of health, holistic foot care models, and ways to become allies when providing service to Indigenous people and communities.

12:00 – 12:30 Lunch

The Exhibitor Hall will be open during lunch.


Engaging Patients to Improve Quality of Care

Andrew Springer, B.Sc., D.Ch., FRSH
Sponsored by Neubourg Healthcare

An examination of barriers to optimize care of the diabetic foot and strategies to get patients more involved in their own care.

Quality healthcare outcomes depend heavily on patients’ adherence to recommended treatment regimens and an authoritarian approach has proven not to lead to the best health outcomes.

For better patient outcomes, Practitioners need to be more patient-centered.” “Patient centered” means treating patients as partners, involving them in planning their health care and encouraging/motivating them to take more responsibility for their own health.

In this session, Andrew will navigate through the process of working with your patient at:

  • identifying/agreeing on the problem
  • negotiating reasonable goals
  • generating options
  • deciding on a mutually agreeable and feasible regimens
  • keeping patients on track


Vascular assessment of the foot, more than clinical questions for the safety of the client

Maryse Beaumier RN, MScN, PhD

Fifty percent of the patients are asymptomatic for peripheral arterial disease (PAD), especially patients with diabetes. PAD is worse in the presence of diabetic neuropathy. This exposes the development of a wound and we know that 50% of lower limb amputations result from the non-healing wound on the foot. All healthcare providers need to know how to assess for PAD prior to deciding the foot’s treatment. Arterial Brachial index, arterial waves and toe pressure are non-invasive instruments for the assessment of the arterial blood flow to the foot. Their best results interpretation needs to be understood and diffused to ensure the best foot care for the patients.


A Holistic Approach to Foot Care Utilizing Pedorthic Care

Alison Murakami, Reg. Chiropodist & Nicholas Boucher, C. Ped. (C)

This collaborative presentation by a Canadian Certified Pedorthist and a Registered Chiropodist, will address the importance of utilizing these fellow lower limb clinicians to achieve a shared patient goal: increased comfort and function and improved health. The role of a Pedorthist will be explored by explaining basic lower limb biomechanics and function of the foot through different stages of the gait cycle. The Pedorthist’s ability to offload high pressure areas on the foot by manufacturing custom foot orthotics and recommending well-fitting, appropriate footwear can drastically improve patient comfort. By understanding the Pedorthist’s role, Footcare Nurses will know when it may be beneficial to refer their patients to their lower limb colleague. We will explore how Pedorthists, Chiropodists and Footcare Nurses can be a cohesive and complementary team in improving an individual’s overall health and well-being.


Closing remarks

15:30 – 16:15

Exhibitor Hall will be open.

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