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Friday, May 21, 2021

Opening Remarks
Pat MacDonald, CAFCN Past President

Presented Friday, May 21 @ 10:00

Friday Morning Draw Prize Winners:
Eva Purdey · Shannon Matheson · Pam Josey · Jennifer Densmore · Cynthia Lidster · Trudy Lewis · Janis Dalton · Dawn Luomalas · Jackie Relkoff · Liliana Vargas · Jacqueline Barnett · Sarah Colbert · Susan Fulton · Alicia Hartt · Mary-Gaye Pinches · Karine Berthiaume · Sharon O’Brien · Gabriela Pavel · Pinky Muego · Emma Breurkens · Shannon Taylor · Lisa Garland · Viktoryia Kaptselava · Julia Olsen · Carla Jorgensen · Philina Sky · Diane Hill Doell · Edith Erickson · Nicolette Hildebrand · Tammy Abbott

2 Minutes May Save Your Patient’s Leg: 60 Seconds to Complete Inlow’s Foot Screen and 60 Seconds to Apply the geko™ device
Dorace Ramage RN & Cathy Burrows RN, BScN, MScCH (Wound Prevention & Care)

Presented Friday, May 21 @ 10:15

Mental Health SOS: Critical Conversations
Ruthann Weeks CIRS, Certified Psychological Safety Advisor

Presented Friday, May 21 @ 10:15

Onyfix Part 2: Critical Techniques for Successful Non-Surgical Correction of Various Nail Dystrophies
Martha Popela, B.Sc (Hons)

Presented Friday, May 21 @ 10:15

Securing a foot in a shoe to prevent callusing and reduce foot tension – The art and science behind shoe lacing
Dr. Kate Clayton-Jones PhD, MBA RN CFCS CFCN

Presented Friday, May 21 @ 11:30

Policy 101: Understanding, writing and refining policies for nursing foot care practice
Audrey Wall RN, BScN (Hons)

Presented Friday, May 21 @ 11:30

Footcare nursing during the Pandemic
Priscilla Akyea, CNPS Legal Counsel

This presentation is not being shared at the request of the presenter.

Presented Friday, May 21 @ 11:30

Dust in the Wind: Burr Choice Matters
Tannis Sorge RN, FCNEd, CFCN

Presented Friday, May 21 @ 13:00

Considerations for the Selection of Single-Use Versus Reusable Instruments
Jennifer Winters owner and CEO of Pedicare Professional Foot Care Instruments Ltd.

Presented Friday May 21 @ 13:00

Introduction to instrument reprocessing for foot care nurse
Lori Ralph LPN MDR (cert) FCN CAWC CAFCN (Vice President)

Presented Friday, May 21 @ 13:00

The Benefits Cloud-Based Technology Can Bring to Your Independent Practice: Decrease Operational Costs – Meet Professional Compliance – Improve Efficiencies and Patient Experience (with Q&A)
Alejandro Otero & Alejandro Lopez

Presented Friday May 21 @ 14:15

“Something could be going on that my eyes cannot see”: Use of Commercially Available Infrared Thermometers to Support Foot Self-Management for Patients with Diabetes
Kathleen Stevens RN PhD

Presented Friday, May 21 @ 14:15

Business Plan Development Workshop
Cindy Lazenby RN, Foot Care Nurse Educator & Michelle DeGrandmont RPN Foot Care Nurse, Nurse Educator

Presented Friday, May 21 @ 14:15

Saturday, May 22, 2021

Saturday Morning Draw Prize Winners:
Chantal R. Guertin · Hao Chai · M. Vanessa Clement · Sister Marie Etheridge · Carly Wakula-Dedic · Maureen L. Hayes · Mireille Allain · Mel Berg · Christine Heidi-anne Shaw · Cecilia Dela Cruz-Larocque · Mona Gladue · Lesley · Munro · Colleen Regular · Lynn Dobbin · France Partridge

We regret that this session is unavailable as the recording failed during the delivery.

Download a PDF of Kathy Dmytruk’s slides

Implementing Best Practices in Alberta: The Diabetes Foot Care Clinical Pathway
Kathy Dmytruk, Registered Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator

Presented Saturday, May 22 @ 10:00

On Your Toes
Dr. Ariel Burns

Presented Saturday, May 22 @ 11:10

Prevention and treatment of running injuries from the foot and up
Dr. Stephen Davis

Presented Saturday, May 22 @ 12:45

When Surgery is Necessary
Dr. Tej Sahota

Presented Saturday, May 22 @ 13:55

Creative Strategies When Working with Clients with Dementia
Karen Tyrell CDP, CPCA, CDCP

Presented Saturday, May 22 @ 14:55

Closing Remarks
Audrey Wall, CAFCN President

Presented Saturday, May 22