Audrey Wall, RN
Audrey Wall, RN
Audrey Wall has been an RN for more than 25 years, and has practiced in a number of capacities including hospital-based surgical nursing, Long Term Care, teaching in the Nursing program at Brock University, and most recently, working within a Family Health Team as a Certified Respiratory Educator/TEACH Certified Smoking Cessation Specialist and Foot Care Nurse.

Foot care nursing has become a passion for Audrey, so much so that she recently left the Family Health Team to open her own foot care clinic, the first one of its kind in Niagara.

Audrey believes in the value of a national association for foot care, and has worked with the Canadian Association of Foot Care Nurses (CAFCN) over the past 3 years in a number of capacities, as well as participating in the group tasked with developing the National Competencies for Advanced Nursing Foot Care in Canada.

In 2017, Audrey’s article Your Feet Tell A Story was published in Canadian SKIN, a quarterly publication of the Canadian Skin Patient Alliance.

Audrey has a passion for excellence in nursing, and is committed to bringing safe, high-quality foot care to Niagara’s residents. Audrey is an RN in good standing with the College of Nurses of Ontario, and a member of the Canadian Nurses Association and the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario.

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Pat MacDonald, LPN
Pat MacDonald, LPN
Pat MacDonald is the owner of Toe to Toe Foot Care in Winnipeg. After receiving a Certificate in Adult Education from the University of Manitoba in 2004, she started to teach the nursing foot care program in Manitoba as well as participating on many foot health related committees. She has also served as a consultant on several nursing foot care projects.

She is a founding member of CAFCN (formerly Foot Care Canada) and has been involved since 2007 when 14 like-minded foot care nurses and educators met to discuss a national strategy on how they could advance nursing foot care guidelines for skills, education and eventually certification. How exciting it is to have a national voice for nursing foot care!

Pat is an LPN and has been working as an advanced foot care nurse since 1996.

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After completing my nursing diploma in 1986 (Victoria, B.C.), I followed my husband in his series of company transfers; working in 3 western provinces, 13 hospitals and in all areas of medical /surgical nursing. Throughout that time, I obtained additional specialized certification in haemodialysis and burn/ trauma nursing. My family and I moved to Devon in 2001 and I began working in adult education as an Instructor in the HCA & PN programs at a local college (Edmonton) and was a staff educator at the University of Alberta Hospital (ACLS). Then I then moved into the role of senior management as the Edmonton branch manager for 2 national home care agencies.

During my years managing in home care, I realized that the foot care needs for high risk, fragile or senior home care clients in the community were a challenge to meet, if at all. Wanting to make a difference while also looking to make a change of pace in my nursing career, I took advanced training in nursing foot care and created my business in 2006.

The feet are the ‘unsung heroes’ of our body; too often forgotten and considered insignificant. But we, as the foot care nurse, consider the feet the appendage that tells a story of client health and their well being.

I feel that the role of the Foot Care Nurse is understated and quite often misunderstood. It is our goal to educate the client, our peers and the public on the multifaceted levels of skill we bring.

The CAFCN is important as it provides opportunity in continuing education and support for the Foot Care Nurse. And moving forward, the progression of a certification process is imperative for our recognition as specialists within the field and to ensure the highest standards of training is in place for those who practice.





Christina Moisey, LPN
Christina Moisey, LPN
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Cindy Lazenby, RN & Tannis Sorge, RN
Cindy Lazenby, RN & Tannis Sorge, RN
Tannis Sorge has worked as a foot care nurse, providing personal care as well as running supporting businesses. She is a strong advocate for the importance of foot care education for both nurses and the general public.

Cindy Lazenby has held numerous volunteer positions with CAFCN including being the first Chair/President. She is currently the founding President of Foot Canada Training.

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Julia Lewis, LPN
Julia Lewis, LPN
Julia Lewis is a strong advocate for best practice and infection control. She teaches nurses, professionals and the public about foot care health.

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Jennifer Densmore, RN, Kathleen Stevens, RN & Colleen Rideout, LPN
Jennifer Densmore, RN, Kathleen Stevens, RN & Colleen Rideout, LPN
Jennifer Densmore has worked in a variety of nursing areas and would like to see a more collaborative environment in the provision of foot care.

Kathleen is a researcher in the area of foot health. She is an Assistant Professor at Memorial University School of Nursing and is currently working on her PhD.

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Michelle De Grandmont, RPN & Arlene Van Doorn, RN
Michelle De Grandmont, RPN & Arlene Van Doorn, RN
Michelle is a graduate of Foot Canada Training’s Foot Care Nurse course. She is currently a Clinical Educator for Canada Training’s Curriculum for clinical courses and advance skill workshops.

Arlene is the owner of Arlene’s Healthy Heels & More Inc. Her vision is that all foot care nurses across Canada would use Best Practice Guidelines and hopes that foot care nurses continue to grow as a cohesive team.

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Isabel Vigneault, RN
Isabel Vigneault, RN
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Bree Wright, RN & Meagan Newans, LPN
Bree Wright, RN & Meagan Newans, LPN
Bree is the owner of Heel Your Sole Foot Care, a company that has offered advanced nursing foot care across the province since 2001. She has worked as an expert consultant in assisting schools to update their Advanced Nursing Foot Care courses.

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