Associations & Funding Resources

College of Licensed Practical Nurses of
College of Registered Nurses of
College of Registered Psychiatric Nurses of
Alberta Registered Nurses Educational Trust (ARNET)
Registration fees only to a maximum of $2000.00/application
Fredrickson-McGregor Education Foundation for Alberta LPNs
$1000/year for post basic education
CRPNA Continuing Education Funding
Maximum individual funding supports available are $2,000/year
Jenn Weckman, RN
Jenn Weckman, RNAlberta Advisor
Jenn is an RN working in Calgary and Chestermere areas. She is passionate about educating the public and other health care professionals about how to keep their feet safe and healthy.

“I believe that foot care nursing in Canada needs to become regulated. I would love to see consistent education programs that teach the competencies in the CAFCN Competency Profile, and to see an Accredited Certification Process be developed for Advanced Foot Care Nursing. I believe that CAFCN is playing a vital role in making this vision come true for foot care nurses in Canada. Certified Foot Care Nurses will be able to work together and with other health care professionals and insurance providers fill the gap in foot health care and education to reduce the number of foot issues faced by Canadians every day.”