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Tannis Sorge, RN

Tannis Sorge is a Registered Nurse and private practice foot care nurse with nearly twenty years’ experience. Throughout her career, Tannis has owned and operated three businesses focused on foot care. She started her career providing foot care services in facilities, clinics, and in-home client visits. She later opened her second business, providing instruments and support equipment to foot care nurses across British Columbia. More recently, for the last five years Tannis has expanded into foot care education as the co-owner of PEDEd, providing education courses/workshops, independently as well as in B.C Colleges and Universities. For over 12 years she has also hosted and taken an active role in developing the B.C. Foot Care Nurses Association, helping to grow and connect the nursing foot care community in B.C.

Tannis is a strong advocate for the importance of foot care education for both nurses and the general public. She believes in the importance of creating a professional community of foot care nurses across Canada, guided by a set of national standards and certification shaping their practice. It is her hope that the CAFCN will continue to take a leading role in helping the Canadian foot care community achieve this goal. She believes that foot care nurses working in a united role alongside governing bodies, allied foot health professionals and associations such as the CAFCN, result in better client outcomes. Additionally, this further strengthens and provides recognition to the essential role of the foot care nurse professional.

Tannis Sorge

Cindy Lazenby, RN

In 2005, Cindy Lazenby was motivated to standardize best clinical and educational practices across the nation, so she and a few other like-minded colleagues became the founding contributors of the CAFCN (Canadian Association of Foot Care Nurses). Cindy has held numerous volunteer positions with CAFCN including being the first Chair/President, Provincial Advisor for Ontario, and member of the IPAC, Education, and Nomination committees.

In addition to holding many different clinical, educational and administrative positions in 5 different provinces, as a Registered Nurse since 1981, she has also been a Foot Care Nurse provider and Educator since 1993. Cindy is currently the founding President of Foot Canada Training, lead author of Art and Science of Foot Care: A Clinical Resource for Nurses in Canada, Director of Nursing and lead developer of Foot Canada Training’s curriculum, has an extensive history of providing nursing foot care education and advocating for improvements in nursing foot care in Canada. Since 1993, Cindy and her associates have trained over 4000+ Foot Care Nurses and several dozen Educators across the country. In 2016, Cindy’s passion to transfer her knowledge to other nurses and educators, was the driving force for opening access to Foot Canada Training’s standardized and peer-reviewed curriculum to Foot Care Nurse Educators, health agencies, community colleges, universities in Canada.

Aside from being accused of being “obsessed with feet” for several decades, by some of her friends and family, there are four important aspects of her life that give her a constant stream of joy: family, community, nature and health & wellness.

Jo Matlock

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