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Jennifer Densmore, RN

Jennifer Densmore has worked in orthopedic surgery, neurosurgery, neurology medicine, community health, education and foot care.

“I would like to see foot care education to begin in early childhood. I would like to see more research being conducted regarding foot care barriers and facilitators in order to develop best practices. There is a need for a more collaborative environment amongst all disciplines involved in the provision of foot care.”

Jennifer Densmore

Kathleen Stevens, RN

Kathleen Stevens is an Assistant Professor at Memorial University School of Nursing. Her clinical background includes NICU, orthopedics and community health. She has worked in nursing education since 1996.

“I want to positively impact government policy related to provision of foot-care services for individuals at risk for poor foot health, such as seniors and individuals with chronic disease, so they can maintain health, independence, and quality of life.”

Kathleen Stevens

Colleen Rideout, LPH

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