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Michelle De Grandmont, RPN & Brette Cain
Michelle De Grandmont, RPN & Brette CainOntario Advisors
Michelle De Grandmont is a former graduate of Foot Canada Training’s Foot Care Nurse course. She is currently a Clinical Educator for Canada Training’s Curriculum for clinical courses and advanced skills workshops.

Michelle previously developed the innovative and highly successful advanced diabetic foot care program at Algonquin College and was the instructor for this program up until 2018.

She is a bilingual registered advanced diabetic Foot Care Nurse with over 15 years of experience in the health care sector, specializing in gerontology, acute care medicine, diabetes and holistic healing modalities.

Her company, Soft Soles, provides foot care nursing services in the Ottawa area and supports the employment, mentorship, and training of nurses. She is a frequent best practice speaker. Michelle is a committed member of the Canadian Association of Foot Care Nurses and is currently one of the Ontario Advisors. She has also worked on both the Competencies Document Published in 2017 as well as the Education standards which is a continued project.

Brette Cain, RPN
Brette Cain, RPNOntario Advisors
Brette started her career as a Personal Support Worker in 2013. After starting to work at the Atikokan General Hospital, she enrolled in the Practical Nursing Program and obtained her nursing license in 2015. She continues to work at the hospital as an RPN on the Acute Care Unit and Extended Care Unit. In 2016, she received her Certificate of Completion for the Foot Care Nurse Program. Due to an aging population and from working closely with older adults with a wide variety of health conditions, she saw the importance and need for proper foot care.

I envision that foot care will become a gold standard of care in Canada, that services will be accessible and affordable by all who need it, and all people will be provided with optimal quality care.