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Meagan Newans, LPN

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Bree Wright, RN

Bree Wright is the owner of Heel Your Sole Foot Care, a company that has offered advanced nursing foot care across the province since 2001. She has worked as an expert consultant in assisting schools to update their Advanced Nursing Foot Care courses. Bree is the lead instructor for the Heel Your Sole Foot Care Advanced Nursing Foot Care Course.

“I would love to see all members of the foot care team working together to best serve the foot care needs of the public. Right now this is made difficult because of the different scopes of practice nurses have across the country and between different designations. I am looking forward to a certification process that will allow all nurses practising advanced nursing foot care to have the same education and scope of practice across the board. I feel this will lead to a better understanding for both the public and other professionals on the foot health team of what a certified advanced foot care nurse is and does.”

Bree Wright

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