An online conference is different from an in-person conference, but there are a lot of similarities too! We have tried to keep things looking as familiar as possible while operating on an entirely different platform.

Here are some things that you can do to have your best conference:

  • Check your equipment – Make sure you are using equipment (laptop, computer, iPad, phone) that is relatively modern and can handle continuous video. If you can watch Netflix, you are probably okay.
  • Check your connection speed – Make sure that you sit where you are going to sit to attend the conference and test from there. Even moving around your own house can affect the connection signal from your wi-fi.
  • Check your browser – Internet Explorer is not supported, so if that’s your browser of choice, you will need to download and install another one, preferably Chrome, before the conference. Downloading a new browser is not a big deal and doesn’t mean that you have to get rid of your current favourite browser. Download Chrome here »
  • Participate in our practice times (Bonus Session) – We will be hosting some practice sessions (see times above) to allow people log in, look around and try out a session. If you have problems there, let us know and we can troubleshoot before the conference even starts. To get to the ‘Bonus Sessions’, go to the conference site and click on the ‘Sessions’ tab. Pick ‘Bonus Session’ (first in the list).
  • Watch our videos! See the ‘explainer’ videos on this page to see how things work on the conference site.

Be sure to download our ‘Tips and Tricks’ PDF as a handy reference.