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The Mission of CAFCN is to advance the practice of foot care through a collaborative and networking process for all individuals providing foot care.

Annual Membership Fee: $100.00

Membership fee is set by membership at an Annual Meeting of the Association.  This level of membership has all of the rights, privileges and responsibilities of membership with CAFCN. You must have one of the following designations to be a member: RN, LPN or RPN.

Affiliate Membership Fee: $100.00

Any member of another health profession or the public upon application and payment of the designated fee. Affiliate members are entitled to voice but have no voting rights and are not eligible to hold an executive position.

Student Membership Fee: $50.00

Student membership is available to all students currently enrolled in a nursing foot care program at a 50% discounted rate. To take advantage of this membership offer students must sign up while enrolled in the program. Once you have completed the program, this offer will not be available.

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