Nominations for CAFCN Executive, Advisor and Committee Positions

How it works

The Nominating Committee of CAFCN is charged with the responsibility of ensuring continuity by nominating a slate of officers of the association for the voting body at the annual general meeting for executive & committee positions that are open.

Serving on the Executive Committee or other committee positions of CAFCN is an excellent way to participate at the national level. This offers the opportunity to meet a wide range of CAFCN members, network with allied professional groups and work with other motivated and experience committee members.

Each spring, the CAFCN Nominating Committee requests applications from the membership for open positions. The Nominating Committee reviews all applications and the final selection of candidates is at the discretion of the CAFCN Nominating Committee and approved by the Executive Committee. The slate of candidates is announced one month before the AGM.

Criteria for Candidates

  1. Being a voting member of CAFCN (1).
  2. Advocate for and in agreement with the Association’s mission statement, goals, initiatives and National Competencies for Advance Nursing Foot Care in Canada (2017) (1).
  3. A willingness to attend all committee meetings, Annual General Meetings and participate in association activities (1).
  4. A willingness to participate in committee orientation teleconferences and adhere to committee member’s duties and responsibilities (1).
  5. A willingness to serve without remuneration but reimbursed for reasonable expenses incurred in the performance of duties, as approved by the Executive Committee (1).
  6. Not be a voting delegate or member in any other nursing foot care association board or business that is a perceived or direct conflict of interest as per CAFCN’s Conflict of Interest Policy (1, 6, 9).
  7. Have demonstrated previous experience as an executive and/or a committee member for a non-profit nursing association an asset.
  8. Be in good standing with their nursing provincial or territorial regulatory body (4-7).
  9. Have demonstrated leadership ability and good communication skills (4).
  10. Be willing to attend the CAFCN AGM in person (6).
  11. Have attended at least 1 AGM & 1 conference is an asset.
  12. Have a negative criminal record.
  13. If applying for a Provincial or Territorial Advisor, the candidate having served a full term on at least one other committee is an asset.
  14. If applying for a position on the Executive committee (President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary or Membership Chair) position, the candidate should meet the following additional criteria:
    • a) Be currently or have previously been a CAFCN committee member (1-8).
    • b) Not having the status of bankruptcy (1).
    • c) Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively such as listen actively, ask quality questions, offer insights, be persuasive, and challenge others in a non-personal, non-confrontational way (1).
    • d) Demonstrated skills to think strategically, be respectful of new ideas, apply sound wisdom and judgment, share a core set of values (1).
    • e) Must demonstrate they have the following skills: accountability, analytical thinking, leadership, community orientation, and visionary and future orientation (4).
    • f) Have specific experience, interest and/or knowledge in at least one committee’s administration, finance, program development, evaluation, public relations or communications (1, 4, 8).

All applications are kept confidential. The nomination form will be posted early in the year in the members section of the website. The CAFCN By-laws can be found in the member section of the website.


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Nomination Form

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